Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique

Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki (ISSN 0355-0192) is a monograph series, published by the Modern Language Society since 1893. The series is indexed in Linguistics Abstracts Online, the MLA International Bibliography, The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, and Ulrich's Web.

Proposals for books to be published in the series should be sent directly to the board of the society. Proposals should include a preliminary schedule for the book.

Volumes in the series can be ordered from the Tiedekirja bookstore (Snellmaninkatu 13, 00170 Helsinki, Finland; http://www.tiedekirja.fi).

The latest publications

TOME CVII (2020, 333 pp., 50 €): Italianistica 2.0. Tradizione e innovazione. Atti del XII Congresso degli Italianisti della Scandinavia Helsinki-Tallinn, 13-14 giugno 2019. Ed. by Enrico Garavelli, Daniele Montocelli, Ülar Ploom & Elina Suomela-Härmä.
TOME CVI (2020, 129 pp., 35 €: Living in a Political World. Social Commentary from Singer-Songwriters to Rap. Ed. by Hans Giessen.

TOME CV (2020, 213 pp., 45 €: Finland's Door to Europe / Finnlands Tür nach Europa / Una porta per l'Europa / Les portes de la Finlande sur l'Europe / La apertura de la Finlandia a Europa. Ed. by Enrico Garavelli & Juhani Härmä.

TOME CIV (2019, 139 pp., 35 €: Sources du savoir, sources de l'information, sources de l'énonciation. Ed. by Simo Määttä, Mélanie Buchart & Aslak Djupsjö.
TOME CIII (2018, 249 pp., 
45 €: Semi-Lexicality: Studies on Light Verbs, Periphrases and Other Constructions. Ed. by Begoña Sanromán Vilas.
TOME CII (2018, 196 pp., 45 €: Writing Letters, Typologies, Utilisation, Corpora
. Ed. by Enrico Garavelli & Hartmut Lenk.

TOME CI (2016, 217 pp., 45 €: Turo Vartiainen. 
Challenges in Categorization: Corpus-Based Studies of Adjectival Premodifiers in English.
TOME C (2016, 266 p., 45 €): Collocations Cross-Linguistically: Corpora, Dictionaries and Language Teaching. Ed. by Begoña Sanromán Vilas.
TOME XCIX (2015, 210 p., 45 €): L’acquisition de constructions verbales en langue étrangère. Éd. par Maria Paloheimo & Eva Havu.
TOME XCVIII (2015, 244 p., 50 €): Sprache im Comic. Il linguaggio dei fumetti. La lengua de los cómics. Ed. by Hartmut E. Lenk & Elina Suomela-Härmä.